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ZIN Jam Sessions

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The ZIN™ Jam program consists of ZIN™ Jam sessions led by a licensed Zumba® Jammer (ZJ™) for the purpose of providing ZIN™ Members with new choreography routines to integrate into their Zumba® Fitness classes. It s ZIN™ Member-only benefit, the ZIN™ Jam program is the officially authorized program, sanctioned by Zumba® Fitness, LLC for all choreography jams and sessions related to the Zumba® program.

Lina Telis was selected to be an official Zumba® Jammer to hold ZIN Jam™ sessions worldwide in 2014. Her license allows her to provide both Choreo & Salsa ZIN™ Jam Sessions helping her fellow instructors broaden their skills. Find her Jam Sessions online here.

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